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Four Types of Employee Training You Need to Implement Right Now

Is your workplace suffering and you just aren’t sure why? Perhaps productivity levels are down, or there is a thick layer of tension laying over all interactions. Maybe something just seems off and you can’t place your finger on it. In fact, all companies can highly benefit from these, regardless of where they’re located or how high-performing and happy employees seem to be.

1: The Power of “Lunch and Learn” Workshops

What better way to squeeze employee training into your hectic work day than by utilizing the half hour or hour lunch break? Keep this in mind as we move on to points two to four. Any type of training – from change management training to career planning can be broken down into bite-

sized lunch programs.

2: Resilience Workshops & Change Management

Resilience is the measure of how well someone deals with change and the stress which comes with it. Resilience workshops train employees in the coping skills necessary to not only exist in a challenging workplace environment, but to thrive in it. This is achieved by teaching participants how to self-regulate their stress, energy, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Your employees are then able to respond to any situation in a more effective manner.

3: Anti-Bullying & Harassment Training

Bullying is an unfortunately too-common issue in the work place, and many do not even realise that their actions constitute harassment. With even a small amount of bullying occurring, the workplace can turn into an unsupportive and unpleasant environment.

Anti-bullying and harassment training will teach people what constitutes bullying, as well as how to handle a situation in which someone is being harassed. This can create a more peaceful environment which supports increased productivity, healthier workplace relationships and the development of a more positive and inclusive workplace culture.

4: Career Planning

The top companies in the world offer their employees training which will help to better their individual careers. This is a win-win situation. Your company gains another person with valuable skills that directly benefit your business bottom line, and the individuals receiving training are gaining advancements which will help them further their careers.

Any of these employee training programs will make a big difference.

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