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Interview Questions You should Ask When Hiring a Front End Web Developer

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


By asking the right the front end developer interview questions, you improve your chances of finding knowledgeable candidates that fit the job requirements.

Front-end web developers are in high demand in the job market currently and are likely to remain so in the foreseeable future. A variety of industries use front-end web developers to create websites for their businesses. With the rapid growth of online commerce, there will be a corresponding increase in the number of companies that require sites to promote their business and sell their products and services.

When hiring for a front-end web developer position with your company, you should look for candidates with expertise in different programming languages, a strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills. It is a plus if they have a creative bent and an innovative mindset. Given the rapid changes in technologies, they must also be prepared to update their skill sets and knowledge regularly.

Finding such candidates can be tricky. Front end web developers are in the top tier of in-demand professionals, and the best ones can take their pick of jobs. You must not only make sure they are right for your company, but you will also need to convince them that your company is a good fit for them as well.

Let’s look at some of the commonly asked front-end developer interview questions:

•  What do you know about our company?

•  What made you apply for this job?

•  Why do you think you will be a good fit with our company?

•  What do you know about JavaScript 2018, HTML5, and CSS3?

•  What techniques do you use for cross-browser compatibility?

•  What are some of the latest projects you’ve worked on professionally?

•  Which development tools do you commonly use in your web development projects?

•  What is your typical web development process?

•  What do you do to ensure you stay abreast of the latest web development trends?

•  What do you know about web standards?

•  What do you know about web security?

•  What do you know about web accessibility?

•  How do you collaborate with back end web developers and user experience designers?

•  What are some of your favorite personal projects? Can you point us to some of those?

•  Is there anything specific you would like to know about working with us?

What you need to know about these commonly asked front-end developer interview questions:

The purpose of the interview questions is to assess if the front-end web developer fits your company culture. You want to check how well they know the technologies required for the position. As a potential employee of your company, you also want to know if they are reliable, easy to work with, and will thrive in a team environment. By asking about personal projects, you can discover if they have the drive and motivation to see projects from start to end, without the pressure of a client breathing down their neck. When you ask them about current trends and skill updates, it is to gauge if they consider front-end development as a long-term career. You want to hire talent that plan on continuing in this field.

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